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L Homme 3-in-1 Anti Fatigue Facial Moisturizer for Men 50ml

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The mechanical shaving, the stress or the urban pollution weakening the skin surface. As a first anti-aging gesture, moisturizing increases the suppleness of the skin and makes it more resistant to external aggressions.

Discover the unique freshness of a melting gel cream with a lemon and a bergamot scent and a non-oily finish, which prevents the skin from dryness and protects it. Give a boost of radiance and vitality while firming the tissues. Benefit from an astringent and healing action to tone sustainably your skin. Relaxed, the skin becomes more flexible and regains tone and comfort.

Home Use: Frequency : Daily, mornings after shave and/or evenings. Apply L’Homme gel-cream on a dry, cleansed skin, on the face and neck by gentle effleurages.

Suitable for all skin type.